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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Were greedy when it comes to cash

I was inspire by the breathe we breath each day that life has more to offer then just money. I was talking to my boyfriend Ted about the PG&E bill (Electric bill) on how much more money it is for me to live there with him. The bill is normally use to paying was only 35 dollars and its up to 85 dollars, quite a jump in the cost of electricity. I could tell he had an edge developing so I told him I would pay the extra 50 dollars on the bill, so then he jumped into a happier mood. The problem is that my income is very low, I get only 500 a month so I, myself aren't sure if I am able to pay it, but I will have to think of something by the time the first comes up.

Its crazy how money is almost as important as the air we breathe and that couples can actually fight and break over this matter. I wish that I could repay him for everything that he has done for me, but how would I do that? when I barely am surviving on my income as it is.

So I wrote this poem I hope you like it.

We breathe and then our life has been taken
for whatever reason,
some of us have been mislead or mistaken

the site of a beautiful rainbow
the clouds drifting across the sky
never considering a lie

think of the growth of a rose
every year in the winter they have been froze
The life within them is still there
frozen but still they need their air

were tossed a life with no instructions
most of use don’t think its even fair
when for one moment the life becomes insane
and then the next happiness is hopefully our gain

to love each other, and forget the hate
believing in not a negative world instead of fate
to grasp the feeling of joy
even know some people, we will always annoy

the scent of a rose, a captured beautiful sunset
some of those making life a complicated vessel
or a feelings of a accomplished in our success

were greedy when it comes to cash
it comes and goes just as fast
we forget mostly to kiss our honey
but our question is always not enough money

stress and complications money brings
is money more important then the air we breathe?

when the first thing in our life learned was love

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1 comment:

Dave Lucas said...

Nice Poem, Well Done!!!