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Saturday, January 19, 2008

That Choice

That Choice

Its crazy how the world turns now
children making adult decision
for the adult actions they have done
taking a life, or giving a life
for she, herself is just a child
desiring a love from a boy
the boys penis becomes his brain
persuasion to say that he loves her
and the only way that he says to show him
is to give herself up to him
she makes that choice not really knowing what love is
but now she has a life growing within her
still a childchild herself
and he is just a boy
he has no responsibility
telling her the decision is all her own
she has to save a little life or end it
and he doesn’t have to do nothing
so she realizing that she is to young
and now she has to live with that choice
and his penis remains in his brain
and that hurt will live in her forever

copyright Terry Freeman

Gods Gift

Gods Gift

a life time of death
taking her last breath
in you she sits and waits
for your decision
that you make
and so helpless she breathes
no understanding
no means
to her once life she had
feeling punished
she did nothing bad
she just chose you as a mom
she just chose your love
to feel your warmth
is all she needs
to survive her grief
so send her to a place
that she just left
no promises kept
she will miss you
and her daddy too
as she floats to a place
where she knows she'll be safe..

My daughter Michelle
wrote this poem. This is a copyright.

My youngest daughter had her abortion yesterday and the first poem I wrote and the second one she wrote. Very sad day and something she or I will forget.

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TOMAS said...

I came to your blog because of some strange feeling that leads me wherever I go recently - some divine peace follows me as I recall You.
I came and have read a poem - oh, unfortunately the life looks so too quite often.
I have no words to comment anything here and maybe my words are the needless at all.
In case I will meet the hero of the poem eye-to-eye, maybe, it would be the best just to have a cup of coffee with the girl and to dream silently over a cup - to lift up a smile, and to thank for the life that we have...
Sorry for these long musing without sharing nothing in concrete.
I just wanted to sit silently with you and to rejoice at the incredible richness of the heavenly colors as above us, as inside us.
That divine warmth is one and only thing I have to share with all whom I meet on my road.
Thank you for the poem that questions and humbles. You have a great indeed blog
I know just one for sure, you are a good person.

Unknown said...

Amazing words amidst such trauma. Trust she is well and will grow stronger as a person.

Amazing words of comfort from the first commenter too...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...