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Monday, January 14, 2008

Feeling better today

I've been sick the last few days because of that Torodal shot they gave me for pain, its better I think to have the pain then to experience those side effects again. I was nauseated and dizzy and didn't have any energy left to post anything in my blogs sense the day after that shot until now, it was crazy. Another thing is that my boyfriend Ted's son gave us a mother Cat with 4 baby kitties, last night was the first night we spent with them and even know I slept through them tearing through the house all night, Ted didn't sleep at all. Between the neighbors partying and the kitties I feel bad he didn't sleep a wink. But he is the one that wanted the kittens and the mother cat. I have them in the back room right now and, hopefully their isn't anything for them to destroy, the room is pretty bare. I didn't even feel like cooking, Ted ended up cooking for me, which he is a good cook, but I think he uses to much cooking oil. I baked a peach pie the day before yesterday to at least make the beautiful weekend we had better. The sun was out and the sky was at its bluest.

Anyways, I have a website I like you all to visit called Hay House Radio It really quite interest and full of inspiring information, if your interested in listening to the radio, click the link and then stroll down on the left side where it says listen now, its not to far down and a radio pops up. You might have to sign up to the Hay House Radio, to become a member.

They have talk show hosts including Sylvia Brown the psychic and spiritual teacher. Her website is also very interesting and you can visit her at Her and her son Chris Dufresne are both psychic's and do readings and teaching spiritually. She does Hypnosis and hypnosis training. Click here to view the website of hypnosis training. You may also add someone you know or yourself to her Novus Spiritual Prayer chain, just click that link "Novus Spiritual Prayer" to add.

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and enjoy the week !!!

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