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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


For all of you know, I am currently homeless and I thought of an idea but I am not sure if this will work. First of all, I have my computer connected at my daughters one bedroom apartment and that is how I blog. I am trying to earn a living on the internet but due to the bulging disks in my neck it makes it difficult to sit for long periods of time.

To make a long story short, I've been staying with my boyfriends house but it has no heat and he doesn't want my teenager to live there either because she is a teenager, and you know teenager will do what teenagers do. I've tried to look for a place that I can handle for around 350 dollars a month and I can't seem to find anything for that amount, so I'm thinking that buying a trailer ( a small trailer, maybe 18ft and can even be used, It doesn't bother me) the price of around lower then 10 grand and more of around 6,000 of course but my credit is very bad. I sound desperate and that only because I am homeless and seems to be the only way I think I could survive. My income is only $524 a month.

It started with me being on workers Compensation, they just up and quit sending me any payments and the last check was for 64 dollars and they said the was the last one, the letter was with the check, and then I ran out of permanent think permanent means permanent? no, it runs I am stress because I'd like to find something for me and my daughter to live in and I've lived in a 5th wheel before where I had to change and fill the tanks of propane and do maintenance on it. I am frustrated and requesting some of you help towards my way. If you could donate into my pay pal account by clicking on the Pay Pal button and follow instruction on how to donate, I would be so appreciated and thankful.

I see website that have donate button through pay pal and its not that difficult to set up an account if you don't already have one. So I will leave the link below and think about it and try to donate even if its just 10 dollars, I don't like to say I am desperate or possibly selfish, but I am homeless and my boyfriends house is very old and very cold in the winters and very hot in the summers, its like having no walls. I could live in the trailer for the rest of my life and be happy and comfortable, I miss my 5th wheel and dreaded ever selling it. Thanks you very much and God Bless you !!!

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