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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My life's direction

My life's direction has felt lately that it has ended. I pray for guide-ness and sit silently for answers. Ever sense my job end Feb. 24th 2006 I've had a decline in my lifestyle. I know its what I make of it, the decisions I make and choices I've taken. I try so hard to stay positive but that nasty negative bumps in continuously. So how do I find my real path in my life? when the tool were given to be from the beginning.

I wrote the poem to try to stay positive and I have my Mother to thank for that inner self healing, she doesn't know that she is the most important person in my life because she made me who I am today. So Mom, if your reading this, this poem is for you and you made me think the way I do today.

Tools you were given

Life becomes of what you make it
your granted the tools when you were born
you are adorn
when you are a baby, you are nurtured, and loved
you are given a path in life
where or what you do with the tools
they most likely don’t come with any rules
that is how you adventure into your journey
life can become complicated or easy everyday

but your inner voice is the most important tool given
or maybe its your brain, but its all the same
you pick a path or direction to go
you may never even know
but a lot of times we never listen to that inner voice
that is really the most important choice

if by chance, you feel your at the end of your rope
you’ve lost your wit
and begin to throw a fit
its then that we must sit in silence
you breathe slowly and become less tense
you focus on that voice of higher power
its then you become empowered
suddenly you realize and see more clearly
that moment becomes so sincerely

wiping the tears from your eyes
or mellowing out of anger and frustration
you begin to feel the formation
it is then your life becomes an explanation

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Anonymous said...


Cheer up! You will one day make it to the top!

You have everything within you to be the best that you can be!

Piercing The Veil said...

true ... when all things seems to be a blurr we need the inner voice ... and we illuminate our selves with immensity ....

gud eve

nice thought