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Saturday, January 5, 2008

I love him for who he is

I'm tired but I lye awake
The crackling fire is so addicting,
but somewhat comforting
the sound, scent, and the warmth it puts out
I've come to realize that I am an addict
frightening, wondering if it has a hold of me
addicted to most anything
I continue to lye awake
keeping one eye open,
struggling to enjoy this quiet moment
its like I'll miss something, maybe nothing at all
I feel comfortable in this old house
the wall shift, crack, even know I don't own the house
Everyday that goes by I feel I want to do so much more for him
I don't know why,
it except that I love him
if only he knew how much
I want to swim into him
leave his scent on me
have his arms wrap and warm me
his lips as soft as mine
smiling eyes tells me that everything is fine
he charms me with his humor and his short stories
allowing me to speak whats on my mind
he lets me be who I am
even know I don't even know who that is
he comforts me and puts a smile upon my face
I love him for who he is.

I wrote this poem at 1 o'clock in the morning, I could sleep.

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