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Friday, January 18, 2008


Kitties ventured outside for a little while yesterday and today I have them in the back room. I know its cold back there, but the have to get use to being cold because eventually they will have to remain outside. Now I am not sure if they will remain outside during the night but they will diffidently remain outside during the day.

I am feeling a little better this morning but I can tell I will be a little dizzy and I think its been the spasm medication thats been making me dizzy and confused. I am starting back on another medication I took a year ago called "Norco". Its a pain medication that has only vicdone in it. Hopefully it will help with the break through pain.

I blogged on my blog called The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery about my brother and this advertising his Ham radio station Ke5rs. The radio station reaches towns, cities and countries that don't have any communication like phone lines. He helps with transferring messages they need to get out of these areas.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend...!!!

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