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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Purpose on this day

If you're not clear about your purpose on this day, random
events, distractions and circumstances beyond your control
will impose a purpose upon you. You'll end up spending your
precious time in the service of things that won't bring any
value or fulfillment.

In contrast, when you're solidly connected to a personally
meaningful purpose, you're able to focus on making real
progress. Though the same problems, frustrations and
distractions will come, they will not have the power to
overwhelm or consume you.

The more fully you understand why you wish to do something,
the more clearly you'll see how to do it. Strong, solid,
meaningful reasons will ignite the energy to create
worthwhile and lasting achievements.

It is well worth the time and effort necessary to understand
why you seek what you seek. When you know why, anything is
within your reach.

To get maximum results from your efforts, look beyond the
outer concerns of what you're doing. Look at why you've
chosen to do it.

Give this day a real, honest purpose that truly means
something to you. And you'll build value that continues long
after the day is over.

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