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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Life Changes from one minute to the next, day after day things happen to the extreme. One day I am moving into his house and the next I find myself moving right out, then moving right back in. Please explain why relationships can be so complicated, I try so hard to be so easy minded and easy to get along and just try hard not to get any one upset.

I've moved back into his house and I am still a little dizzy from yesterday. Why did I allow yesterday to be so emotional? and why couldn't Read between the lines? It didn't have to be so crazy, emotional and upsetting and I felt so distant from him allowing myself to push him away, when he is my partner for life, my best friend and my lover, so why was a such a mess?

I am still looking for a place for me and my daughter, but living with my boyfriend has been quite confusing and I know it doesn't have to be I just allowed it.

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