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Monday, January 21, 2008

I feel dismay

Burning dancing fire
crackles and pops a flame
the fire burns with desire
I hear it calling out my name

I stare, gaze until I am weary and tired
fire burning, never burns the same

the scent of wood and its smoke
sitting up all night with the eager to poke

I close my eyes for a moment
still breathing the fires scent

Lord I pray with my head bowed down
within this room in the darkness and no other sounds
surround me with your presence
I am frighten if there’ll be a tomorrow
my eyes weep tears of sorrow

Grant me the wisdom, the serenity of your guide-ness
open a door, a window so I may see more clearly

I’m drowning here in my own mess
touch me Lord and allow me to see

I breathe as my breath rising in my chest
my tears are so painful like the fire that burns
show me the way if you have any concern
I’ve lost my way

eyes foggy as smoke that rises
take my life desires of not wanting to stay

capture my heart that I make the right choices, actions and decisions
it is your guide-ness that my will and my life I have betrayed
I surrender to you,
my Lord, because I feel dismay

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Unknown said...

I had a friend once who wrote beautiful poems...I remember reading his work with great envy (envy in a good way). Do you see where I am headed?

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