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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Phone call interview

I think this new job is almost perfect for me, I will get internet set up, and he said he would pay for it. I had a telephone interview yesterday with one of the sons that live in Napa Valley, which he work in Napa Valley Care home, he is the administrator. We discussed wages and I told him my last job paid 14 an hour. So he said that is a good wage with my 25 years experience. That would be around 3,360 a month, sure beats 500 a month.

I was completely honest with him, telling him that I was on Worker's Compensation and that I needed to be paid under the table, he said that was fine. And I also told him about my bulging disks in my neck, he said there wouldn't be any lifting, just standby assistance.

The gentleman I am going to care for loves to garden, how much better can it get? I love gardening. They all seem to be wonderful people, and I am pretty excited about it. I won't be starting for 3-4 weeks, which will help me get more organized.

All I can say is that God answered my prayers and "GOD?...I Thank you for this position". I will continue to pray for guide-ness so that I may work pain free. Main thing is, that I will be able to save some money to fly out and see my Daughter, and grandson...I can hardly wait.

Next step is that I meet the other son that originally talked to to discuss the other details. So what do you think? you think I got the job? I have to me myself at this personal interview. And I will continue to pray, "Thank You God!!!" Praying works, and I will continue to pray...Have a fantastic day!!!

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chilly said...

WOW, Sounds great Terry! Hope it all works out for you for sure!
Don't forget all of us still here when you go to work. LOL!

Struggling Parents said...

well I will have internet over there and I don't start for another 4 weeks..I won't forget you Chilly, your the best !!! (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

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