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Friday, February 22, 2008

Daily routine

My daily routine, starts out with climbing over the couch to get to the floor. Once I've completed that task I grab my breakfast of champions (Pain medications)

Then I smoke a cig, and start the fire going in the wood stove, I put a wet log into it so it wouldn't get out of control while I was in the shower and when I leave.

I finish my coffee (which by the way was day old coffee, but still tasted ok, it woke me up), then I put the electric heater into the bathroom (which I call it the tomb stone) to warm it up before I shower. Then I wrap my hair up so that I can dry my body, and get dressed.

I wrapped it up with a tiny clip that barely hold my hair because my girls took the good ones, Oh well...

Do I look awake? I think not, my hair soakin' wet, I was up most of the night with my boyfriend because he couldn't sleep, that is part of the diabetes, neuropathology, burning in his legs and feet and then he has an incredible amount of pain shooting down his shoulder. I don't mind getting up with him, I get enough sleep, you sleep forever after you die, so those special moments at night are worth it..

This is after I blow dried my hair, its frizzy, and waiting for the hot iron to get hot.

Well I am ready to go get some real coffee, my hair is straightened and teeth brushed, and EB5 face cream is on, I am ready to start the day...

Me and Ted are going to Barnes and Nobles to read and hang out, its the best place to go on a rainy day like today...

This picture was taken this morning around 8am, pretty gloomy...its suppose to rain all weekend to...BLAH...can't wait until spring !!!

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Diana said...

Interesting post :)

Hey, you need to give up that smoking! :)

de_kerinchi said...


Nice blog...
have a niceday...

don't forget me here

Anonymous said...

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