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Friday, February 29, 2008

One of those days, yesterday

Everyone experiences a bad day once in awhile and yesterday was one of mine. I didn't feel much like blogging, its becoming boring and I need to problably take a break from it. The fun and enjoyment part about it, is reading other blog post from my favorites and subscriptions.

This is just one of my bad experinces yesterday;
Right now I am on my oldest daughters old computer because I decided to fix the CD ROM in mine. I pulled it out and unscrewed the thing and dumped out most of the crushed, broken CD that someone jammed into it and now the CD ROM and the CD was schattered, doesn't work now. The computer is set to boot off the CD ROM, and sense its not working, it would'nt boot on. I need to set it to boot off another device, anyone have any advice? because I tried to set it to boot off the hard drive and it says its disabled, and doesn't say I can enable it, I don't have spell check, so bare with me on my spelling (Sound it

So now I have to purchase a CD ROM which is only about 20 bucks, but I don't have 20 will have to wait. I rebuilt this computer myself using parts of my mothers old computer that her mother board was fried. I took the hard drive out, placed it into my computer and took my old hard drive and put it into this computer. This one is a good PC, but it has an old mother board and I can't upgrade it. It will only hold 512 memory but the werid thing about it,is that it has 4 slots for memory chips. My computer only has 2 slots and will hold up to 1 GB, right now it has 780, almost 512 times 2. My computer I am on now has a memory of 256, but will hold up to 512.

Still waiting patiencly for my job to come through, wait for them to call me about my patients test that were on Monday. I just want them to get him out of the care home, I know he would improve because he would be in his own surroundings and happier. Being in a care home, make some of the patients there decline because they think its the end of the rope and they are there just to wait and die. I've seen it happen a thousand times in my 25 yrs of nursing. The family members lie, telling them they will be going home, just to get them to get into one of the care homes. Its a very sad situtation.

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