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Monday, February 25, 2008

Bread reciepe for diabetic's

Last night I made an unique bread for diabetics. And it actually turned out great. The only thing is that with whole wheat bread, its so much heavier. The ingredients are below;

For a bread machine that will make whole wheat bread;
2 c. Whole Bread no-bleached flour make one whole loaf
half a c. of flax seeds
half a c. of no-salted sunflower seed
half c. Natures trail mix as seen on picture
dash of salt
2 tbs. of yeast
1 and a half tbs. of oil
2 c. and 2 tbs. of water
4 oz. of yogurt
2 packets of sugar substitute

mix into bowl before you place into bread maker, check out pictures below;

I mix the dough in a bowl before placing it into the bread maker. Add at least 1 c. and 2 tablespoons of water with 4 oz. of yogurt and 1 and a half tbs. of cannola oil with 2 tbs. of yeast, dash of salt and 2 packets of sugar substitute.

Trail mixture is sweet and has soy beans that are also sweet, (half a c.)

(half a c. each )Flax seeds are sweet tasting and no-salted sunflower seeds

Whole Wheat no-bleached flour


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