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Friday, February 15, 2008

Last Night

Last night I felt like I ate way to much, I was bloated and I didn't sleep very well. I had night mares of being homeless and the only way we would eat while we were on the streets is to have a rat in a cage. The rats were nasty, and dirty and they weren't pets. They bite people and ate anything they could get their teeth on. My stomach felt bloated most of the night and I was even full this morning. The meaning of the dream is still rambling through my mind, I guess that when I was homeless it made an impact on me. On the news this morning they were even talking about the homeless here in my town, pretty freaky !!!

So I decided to take a shower and clean up the house, get myself moving and burn off the fullness feeling in my gut.

I crocheted a little last night, doing the third hem which is a treble (triple) stitch, I am not sure how it will turn out. I mean, lets face it, I think I'll end up doing more squares to make it longer, I really should of added roles between the squares, but the damage is already done.. I'd show you some pictures, but my daughter took her camera with her to her boyfriends house.

Today I am feel doubtful, negative and depressed. Why? I'm not sure except maybe that man for the personal job interview never called. I get where I am less confident, I wish he'd call. I called this morning letting him know that I am still interested in the position and left my phone numbers where I will be.

I must stay positive or this job will sink or disappear, my motivation is to concentrate on positive ideas, things and feelings. I need to remember that my recovery from my addictions are more powerful then them.

One day at a time;

Theres a power in every feeling, or motion I feel. Some call it God, others call it love. To me, its the same thing. I reach out to others and they reach out to me. Together I put the love into action that keeps me moving forward.

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Little Wing said...

I always use the theory that if it was meant to be, it will be.
I feel the same about your job.
I hope you are feeling better, stay confident, stay strong!

Anonymous said...

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