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Thursday, February 14, 2008 can be a spiritual experience

I woke up throughout the night and there was a spiritual man talking and then a woman later through the night, I slept lightly, so I heard what they were saying, but not everything. The point is Discovering who we are, or who I am, discovering that you are a spiritual being, that death is non-existent, that your life is quite literally what you make of it, and that we are all here for a reason can be quite a pleasant experience, but also a daunting one. Here you will find the truths of spiritual existence and how you can better your understanding of the real world.

Visualize yourself standing straight in front of where you are sat. Observe all the details of your body, the height, the stance, the hair, see yourself with new eyes.

Next, project your conscious mind into this body, and know that your physical form is actually sat behind you, observing you. From your new position look around yourself. Walk around the room, observe everything: open cupboards, look at pictures, inside boxes, and tell yourself what you are seeing. When you have finished, position yourself in front of your physical body, and mentally project yourself back into it, knowing that you are back in your body. Then watch the ethereal projection of yourself disappear.

repeat this every night...pretty trippy, uh?

My boyfriend gave me a card and a box shaped as a heart with chocolates. The card said to my lover, my friend, and inside the card read "To my soul mate, I love you". I thought that was sweet, he isn't much on giving gifts or remembering any dates.

I've waiting for the telephone interview to meet this man in person. I've talked to him and his brother on the phone and the next step is to meet the brother that lives here in my town to discuss details, it sounds like I got the job, but wait is aggravating, but it teaches you patience...

The afghan I've been working on isn't turning out the way that I wanted it to. I put all the squares together but I should of added a plain double stitch between them because the afghan is much smaller then I wanted it to be. So now I've added a single finishing stitch, a double stitch and now I am working on a treble stitch (triple stitch). It will take me longer then expected.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you !!!

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