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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Complications with bread making

The other night I made some bread in the bread machine, or I should say I tried. I bought this wheat flour bread mix that has sunflower seeds, fax seed and many seeds and nuts, its great for Diabetics.

Well, I read the instructions wrong or again I should say that I argued with the directions because 11oz of water to me seemed like a lot of water, but that is what is was calling for. So instead of using 11oz of water, I used and couple tablespoons of water and it was dry, so I kept adding more water, but it was to late, the kneading was over and it was now on rise. So I took it out and stop the bread machine and kneaded it myself then stuck it in the oven to bake. Its funny because even know the recipe said that it will make a loaf and a half this loaf I made was barely a fourth of a now I guess I will make bread, friends, if you screw up a loaf a bread you can make bread pudding with it, I did it with the one before that too.

Then, Last night I made a loaf a bread with the same kind of ingredients, but this time I follow exactly the recipe called for, and it turned out great !!! its yummy to, because I added cinnamon and vanilla. finally turned out right, my boyfriend laughs at me because he never thought I would make it right, but I proved him

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Maude Lynn said...

I love my bread machine! I've never added cinnamon and vanilla; I'll have to try that.

Little Wing said...

I love fresh homemade bread and I also love bread pudding, so that would have been a win-win for me!!!

chilly said...

Alright, share the bread now! LOL!
I love all kinds of bread to much!
Hi Terry!!!

Struggling Parents said...

You can add nuts, raisins, and even nutmeg any seasonings you like. Thanks everyone !!! HUGS !!!

Anonymous said...

lol...I hear a lot of arguing with recipes around my house too...

Teaches you for not following the instructions...nice to hear though that everything turned out fine!

Anonymous said...

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