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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Michelle took her camera, so I can't have any fun with taking pictures, I am eger to buy my own camera. I think it make the blog more interesting. Today I would like to write about Encards, anyone who is involved in the Encards can explain to me what exactly they are for. I know they act as business cards and you go and drop many cards on other friends sites, but its so time consuming. I have to admit, I've ran into some very interesting blogs and even subscribed to them, but my point is, how does the rate on your business card go up? and also, you have a right to decline or accept the buisness card/ advertisment on their page. So basically they review your page and if it not worth advertising on it, then screw them, they look at the ranking of the blog before they accept your ad on their page, but, me...I've just been doing it for fun, I don't take to many things to seriously, just ask my

An Encard looks like this;

This is the one that is advertising on my page, but I don't know how long, or how much, I guess you would say I am a little slow...

I designed one and it looks like this;

It doesn't have a link attached to it, I am working on that, Oh wait...

this is it, I figured it

Hope you have a wonderful day !!!

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chilly said...

I've seen a few of these Encards around lately but not much of a clue about them so far.
Like you, I don't take much serious. LOL!
I take friends serious. Blogs are just a fun hobby to me.
Hope your having a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

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