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Sunday, March 23, 2008

This old house

These pictures were taken March 22, 2008 (yesterday) of this old house in which we all lived in. The rent was only 925 a month for this 7 bedroom house, and one of the bedrooms was never even rented out, it was use for a little sun room. This old house was an awesome house, I fixed it up and put wildflowers and grass surrounding all around this house. The lawn was kept mowed and the backyard was clean.

We had 38 chicken that lived in a chicken coop and a couple ducks. The chickens laid eggs, we were getting so many golden brown eggs and some of them were even double yoked. My two youngest girls were 10 and 12 and they sold eggs in the front of the house for 1.50 a dozen with free lemonade or koolaid.

The memories will remain in our hearts forever, but the way that this old house ended up with the druggies living there, they have literally trashed the Hell-o out of it. Its brings tears to my eyes when I look over the fence. My boyfriend lives right next to it, that is when I became best friends with him, we wer'ent going out with each other we were just best friends.

This is the backyard of the house that me and my girls, my grandson, one of my daughters boyfriend and 2 roommates lived in this 7 bedroom old house;

The upstairs window use to be Mikey's (my grandson's) bedroom;

The back of the house, the window on the second story (Upstairs) use to be one of my daughters bedroom window. Its been broken out;

Back of the house, it look overwhelming trashy;

The very backyard of this old house;


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