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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Putt, PUTT ...

I decided not to go to the casino, I spent the day with my youngest daughter. I enjoy spending time with my girls, but it always cost me money...LOL ...My girls are the best thing in my life... .

I still am looking for my Windows XP software, so I can download it to my slave drive and use my slave drive for my master drive. I pulled the CD drive out of my old computer and put it into my Good computer, but I really should put it back.

I am using my old computer right now, it goes PUTT PUTT LOL...

I haven't been dropping to many cards or reading to many blogs, I am sorry but this computer is slow and freezes up often. I'll recove my good comuter soon, hopefully, bare with me in this crisis ... Have a great Wednsday !!!

P.S. Notice I am having fun with designing the color and sizes of the font in this post ?

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