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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Counting pennies...

I've been spending time dropping my Encards everywhere, today my card is advertised on two great sites Nicole White's Blog and Home for the Holidays. Make sure you check out this sites.

I been trying to comment on as many blogs as I can, most of the blogs I've come across, I've tried to subscribe to because I find so many that are interesting and very helpful.

Tomorrow I am suppose to drive an hour and half to a doctors appointment. and the cost of gas is almost 4 dollars a gallon, I get paid mileage, but not for 3-8 weeks from now. I've got to count pennies, nickels and dimes to gather 40 dollars for just 10 gallons of gas, does any one care about the people who are Struggling through just to make it through this depression? Why must they raise the cost of living? just because gas is going up? the rich with millions of dollars don't care about these problem arising, but we are not classified us middle class anymore, we are poverty level. Well pennies are looking pretty damn good to the ones that are struggling through life just to make it through general living. They are even stopping people from burning in their fireplaces because it pollutes the air, what about the buses that run through our town? what happen to riding bikes? we need fireplaces to keep warm, when we can't afford the gas to run our furnace.

So wish me luck driving out of town to my pain management doctors appointment, I'll be coming home on flumes and bald tires. I can't wait until I start my new job and start feeling like I can become a normal person. Also it will help my self esteem.

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