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Sunday, March 16, 2008

An outing...

I went to the casino last night with my daughter Alex, her boyfriend Z, and his Mother, what experience that was. All I did was gamble on the same Draw Poker machine and didn't win anything, just lost the 20 that Z had given me to gamble with. I was broke and they wanted me to go, but I think it was because it was my car they wanted to go in. Oh well... it wasn't that big of a deal, but its frustrating that I don't get the use of my car very often because they can afford the gas and I can't. But next month when I start my new job, they will have to find their own set of wheels.

I talked to my grandson yesterday morning, he told me he is teaching himself to play the electric guitar, even played a couple of songs through the phone. Him and his mother (my oldest daughter) live in Missouri, thats 10 states away. I miss them terribly and wish that some day soon they will move back to our home town.

Its a nice day today but a little breezy and cold outside, but the sun is shinning. Feels like the wind is coming from the snowy mountains from the north. Hope you all have a wonderful week !!!

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