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Monday, March 17, 2008

Reviewing Entrecard Blogs

I have reviewed over 170 blogs this morning, but now its this afternoon. I wish I could develop my page as brilliant as most this sites they have the talent to create a wonderful layout with not to much advertisement to overload the page. Lately I've been cleaning up my pages so that my page loads easily, without chasing my traffic away. There is nothing more annoying then pop-ups and page overloading to where the page freezes. I think that my blogs are safe to say they are not a burden to review, hope many over you review and comment on my blogs. Thanks !!!

I am excited

Right this very moment I am running 7 of my Entrecard ads on different websites, I am leaving links below to view, just remember that its only advertising for one day, today !!!

1. Mom Reviews
2. Nature's Cradle
3. Heart of Rachel
4. Mommy on Top
5. Hi-Tech Momma
6. A Toast To Parenthood
7. My Thoughts On Stuff

Check out these sites today and see my ad through Entrecard.

My other blogs;
1. Across this bridge
2. Marketing myself
3. Struggling parents
4. When life become a book
5. Read Between the Lines
6. Internet Lifestyle
7. The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery