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Friday, March 7, 2008

Tagging Encards

Tagging Encards all morning, I've dropped 149 cards this morning, reading almost everyone of their posts. I've purchased 20 ad sites total on blogs, but only purchased around 5 today. My Encard I own today on my site is Lady Banana, in which is one of my favorite blogs to read and a great friend online. I purchased an ad site on Mini-Obs in which will run on Monday, I'm awaiting for 8 ads of mine to be approved to be advertised on their blogs.

There is many ways in which you can purchase spots on others blogs; First of all by clicking on their ad through Encard (thats what I do the most through my in box) if I see that they've been on my website "Struggling Parents" then I click onto their site to review their blog, read, comment and drop my card. After that I click onto the ad they are advertising and it leads me to another site, it goes on and on like that. I keep about 5-8 pages open and keep the cycle going on and on...

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