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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Step 11;

I found out that prayer and meditation aren't quite the same. God is my friend. In my prayers I can talk to him, I can ask Him the knowledge of his will for me and the power to carry it out. (I remember the steps like yesterday). On the other hand, in my meditations I try to quiet myself enough to let God do the talking. My task in my meditations is to listen as best I what my higher power would like me to hear. Whether I'm praying or meditating, I'm trying to open myself to changes in me, rather than spending all of my energies trying to make the rest of the world do the changing.

Step 12. Spiritually, I am awakening after completing these steps. I feel refreshed, as though I have just completed a much needed rest. I feel a huge sense of relief very relaxed. I feel closer to God and to myself. I feel so go about myself and about my place in the world that I want to carry this recovery to everyone who wants it and needs it. The talk with my Mother this morning, hit close to home, as she always does. Opening messages and signals to a whole new world, its brightened my out look on life and on the road to recovery.

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