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Friday, March 21, 2008

Develop my own "300 Power Drop"

I've decided to develop a Entrecard drop of my 300 favorites, to make it easier to drop my 300 cards each day. I can change by removing, or adding different blog titles. I thought of this idea when I bumped into a site call "Power dropping"What a great idea, because the time that it use to take me to drop my Entrecards was all day and its cut it into more than half the time. So now I will figure out a logo to advertise my "300 power drop". Maybe it will be a photo of my kids and their mouth open as the Entrecards dropping out. Would that be offensive? I think its a great idea...

My mouth is open a little, I could use this one for a logo, adding entrecards dropping from my

Entrecard Logo

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