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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Breast size "implants"

I told my boyfriend Ted That I was eventually going to get Breast Implants . His reply was that it would cause me more pain, seeing that I have 2 bulging disks in my neck the weight of the breast would pull on my neck. I told him I was only getting a normal size, one that my neck wouldn't be pulling. He said I'd probably show them off and run off with another man, men are so insecure...

Having a normal size breast would just make me feel more of a woman, I guess that is why I have acrylic nails because it also makes me feel more of a woman...I know, I men probably think having a vagina would make me feel like a woman but nails, and the breast show, and I'm NOT showing off my

I have a friend that had a size D cup and just upgraded to a "Double D cup" , she said that she only had to pay for one boob, because she was in a wreck (off a Harley bike) her insurance only covered one boob. The total amount, if I had breast implants would be a little over 5 grand. Thats quite a bit of cash for boobies , but you stop and think on how it would make you feel. Would it make me happier? I would think it would make me just feel more of a woman, I'm not looking for breast to make me happier, Although, its a good thought...

Right Size, C-cup, baby D cup;

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