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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hard Drive Crash

Hard Drive Crashed

Today when I came over to my daughters appartment my daughter said that my computer wasn't booting up, it was just going to black screen with the words typed "Error OS" which means I think "Error reading operating system", so I called Circut City to talk to about this problem and he told me to pull out of the memory chips and then see if one of the RAMS are bad. I pulled it out and then tried the other memory chip, and each time I tried to re-boot and it said things like "physcial Memory Dump complete" and "log file alternate, corrupt, absent or unreadable, lost file" [Registry file failure]"beginning dump of physical memory" the guy told me that it was my hard drive. I am now back on my, what I call my "back up computer" which is Terribly... slow... I didn't know that life span of a hard drive is approx. 10 yrs. Excuse my spelling, I don't have spell check, I had to delete "FireFox".

well ...I guess I have to use my slave drive instead of my master drive and install "Windows XP". My software for that is in storage so I'll try and get to that in the next couple days. Tomorrow I'm going to the casino with my daughter and her boyfriend, wish me luck, I truly need a break from these pop-ups and this Darn computer...I am really sorry I couldn't get to reading any of your blogs today, this computer is so slow that it freezes any chance it can get...hope you all have a great day !!!

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