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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Alcoholism becomes worse over time if drinking continues, and can lead to death or other serious medical problems. Like diabetes or depression, alcohol dependence can be treated if the person is able to admit to needing to be treated.

I've been suffering from this disease most of my life, its been a constant struggle each day. I've realized that towards the end of the day I become anxious, even anxiety occurs. Fast heart rate, shaky and so miserable , all I say to myself is "Just one drink" will ease this misery.

In order to face alcoholism and start on the road to recovery, you should have a basic understanding of the disease and its characteristics.

Alcoholism is usually defined by the following traits:

* A strong urge to consume alcohol, known also as craving. 1
* The inability to stop drinking, once started. 1
* A physical dependence involving withdrawal symptoms including nausea, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety. 1
* An elevated tolerance to alcohol. 1

To understand how alcoholism might be affecting your life, take a look at the statements below. If three or more of them, occurring at any time in the same 12-month period, apply to you or you observe these traits in a family member or friend, you should consider talking to you doctor or healthcare provider.

* It takes more alcohol to get "high" than it did before.
* I have a few drinks to decrease my shakiness, nausea, or sweating.
* I can’t stop drinking once I start.
* I spend a lot of time thinking about drinking.
* I have tried and failed to cut down or stop.
* I have alcohol-related medical or behavioral problems.
* I have cut down on social or professional activities in order to drink.
I have every trait listed, just about.

My favorite statement;
I have a few drinks to decrease my shakiness, nausea, or sweating.

I spend a lot of time thinking about drinking.

Craving: A strong yearning or desire to consume or indulge in alcohol.

Addictive: The aspect of being biologically or psychologically habit-forming.

My boyfriend and I sat up for a few hours after the alcohol started to leave my system, he comforted me and told me that he'd help me to help myself. But he said (and everyone knows this) that I have to be willing to help myself, or it just won't work. I'm not using that as an excuse, its a fact.
I just have this persistent and compulsive need for alcohol.

Which basically means that I have a dependency for drinking.
I feel I can tell my boyfriend everything, but I tried to hide the drinking, but he smelt it on my breath, just as my kids did. I do you hide it? the breath gives it away. But maybe I wanted to get caught, maybe its a scream for help...
Anywho, I feel better about it, that I can talk to him and confide in him, and post the topic into my blog...

Thanks for reading this sad story...

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Julia said...

Admitting that you have a problem is one thing but hitting your bottom and seeking help is another. In order to get clean a person must desire it and be willing to go to any lengths.

An alcoholic is selfish, self-seeking, and irrational. There is no point in convincing them to get clean. Like they say, "You can't carry the addict only the message."

So why am I writing? Well I want to let you know there is another way. You know there is, you say me find it. I’ve quit drugs, drinking, smoking and I have a beautiful life. I have hopes and dreams. God can do amazing things. But first you need to start at step one because abstinents doesn’t equal recovery.

Life may seem hopeless and you feel empty but drinking isn't helping you is it? What would truly make you happy? What is important to you in life? How long are you going to hurt the ones you love?

I pray you make the right decision before it is too late. Recovery isn't easy but it is more than worth it!

Call me when you are ready, I will be there for you! I love you.

Diana said...

Mee mOe.. I hope you find a way to free yourself from this sooner rather than later...

I don't know what else to say, but take care of yourself, for your kids and most importantly, yourself!

mahesh said...

According to my opinion an alcoholic is selfish, self-seeking, and irrational. There is no point in convincing them to get clean. Like they say, You can't carry the addict only the message.Alcohol or drug addiction is destroying individual life span.
mike smith

Alcohol abuse affects millions. This site has a lot of useful information.


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