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Thursday, April 17, 2008


I joined another advertising outfit called spott. Its almost like Entrecard, but the ad changes everytime you click onto page. Feb 14 2008, there was 952 user in spott, and in 5 days there was over 1,300 members. Feb 27,2008 the 2,000 member joined...spott works on credits, 1 credit is earned for every pageview on your site. It costs 2 credits when your spott is shown on another members' site.

For example, if your page got 1,000 impressions today, you would have earned 1,000 credits, which should have resulted in roughly 500 impressions of your spott on other members' pages.

We’re putting together a to-do list for spott and want to hear from you. What features should we add?

To get started, here are a few nice features that have been requested already:

1. Make a directory of all the spott sites, so everyone can see who’s participating
2. Give you the ability to control what kinds of ads appear on your site
3. Increase everyone’s traffic by encouraging people to visit other members’ sites. For example, you get free credits when you click someone else’s spott ad to visit their site. That way you can “Spottt hop” around the network, check out new sites, and simultaneously help your own site (by getting free credits)
4. Allow multiple versions of your spottt ad
5. Change the pink to some other color ;)
6. ???

Any more ideas?

Check out the ad below, and when you refresh the page a different ad appears, hum...this could become another addiction for



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