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Monday, May 26, 2008

So, Seriously...

So, seriously...what is the easiest way to make money? I never get a response from this question, There is a lot of talk about many different communities that you can actually make money, such as;

1. Advertise (place ad space available on your site)
2. Affiliates
3. Google Adsense ads (placing Google ads on your site)
4. Poetry (companies, communities like Helium, AC Associate content, etc.)
5. Increase traffic flow (signing up to Bloglog Catalog, blog cave, dune, Bloglog, twiiter, Bumpzee, digg, stumble upon,, etc.)
6. Increase your rankings through Google, exchanging company links, commenting other blogs, technorati, & Exchanging link backs, links in others sites, Tag games, etc. )
7. signing up with companies with accounts such as Social Spark, EntreCard, Stomper net, my free IQ, blogarama, etc..)

Did I miss anything? I am sure I did...because the list goes on and on, how about "Cafe' Mom", StyleHive", Smorty, Izea, shopping ads, blog top list, Project Wonderful, and ads flip...would you like for me to list more? everyone one of these I have signed up to and yet my income through these blogs are practically nothing.

So I am asking advice once again...what, or how are you making the money with your blog? I am beginning to become bored of the whole blog making money business.

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