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Saturday, May 10, 2008

My beautiful Saturday

Mee, my daughter Alex and her boyfriend Zillman went to a wedding this morning, that means that I had to get dressed up. The couple that lives directly across from my daughter had a beautiful wedding. I took 200 pictures, but I only posted a couple of mee and Alex.

My brother who lives in the State of Texas sent me a book on Alcoholism. The title "The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure", I haven't started reading just yet, but it just keep staring at me.

Well the few lines I'll type out;

How to heal the underlying causes, how to end relapse, how to end suffering.

The "Chapter one" title, is titled "My pledge to you"

Within the covers of this book"(great start, uh?)I will show you how you can cure yourAlcoholism or addiction.Here, at the onset, I want you to notice that I do not mince words. I do not say "however","maybe" "although", "perhaps" or use other qualifying terms or conditions. By reading this book, you will learn how to cure your alcoholism or addiction.

Sound like a good few lines?

Well..I'd type out more lines if I wasn't in so much pain. I think I lay down and read this book for a while and post more in my other blogs, have a great Saturday !!!

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Diana said...

Beautiful photos!

Heather Dugan Creative / Footsteps said...

I'm hoping that today is better than yesterday for you and that it becomes the general trend... Hang in there.

Awake In Rochester said...

I just started reading your blog, found you via LadyBanana, so I don't know your history. I hope that the book helps. Let us know if it's any good. We all seem to have our glitches. I just posted about that. I'm just starting to face a demon myself. I hope that you are victorious over yours.

chilly said...

Very nice indeed!!
hmmm, how can I whistle at you guys though this comment thingy?!?!?! ;)
Hope your having a super great mothers day, Terry!! ((((HUGS))))

Struggling Parents said...

Thanks to all of you that have commented, I'll keep in touch !!!

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