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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Smorty program

Smorty is a referral program and its an easy way to earn money while you just post blogs. This advertisement referral program is post exchanging and works on a point based system For every post you write, a different blogger can write a post for you in return. Exchange as many posts as you can until you have used up your chosen category of bloggers.

For every post you write, a post will be written for you by a different blogger, one for one.

How are the tasks delivered?
  • Posts are exchanged among the blogs under the same category as yours.
  • Your posts will be exchanged only under similar Smorty star rated bloggers.
  • There is no reciprocal delivery. That means there is no cross linking
Question answered for you;
  • Can I select the blogs to write for me?
    No, however blogs are only selected from the same category with closer star ratings to yours.
  • Does page rank effect task delivery?
    No. To keep it simple and fair Google page rank has no effect on task delivery.
  • How does my Smorty rating get affected by post exchange?
    Post exchange ratings are affected in the same way as paid posts affect your rating. Your star rating will be affected by a disputed post, a declined post and an approved post. Bloggers can also manually give you a rating out of 5 stars for your post.
  • What can I dispute for?
    You can only dispute a post based on the same post exchange rules you must follow. The are outlined to the right of this page.
  • How does the dispute work?
    If a post does not comply with the post exchange rules then it can be disputed a maximum of three times. The writer of the post has two chances to fix the problem. On the third time it will be declined automatically and a new blogger will take the task.

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  • Posts must be uniquely written
  • Post and exact link must be permanent.
  • Minimum 150 words.
  • Posts must be accessible from home page.
  • Posts must be written in English.
  • Posts must have correct spelling and grammar.
  • Posts must be related to target blogs main topic.
  • Posts must only link to target blog.
  • Posts must not use "no follow tag"
  • Posts must not be listed in a sponsored category.
  • Anchor text must be part of a sentence.
  • No pornographic, hate content or use of bad language
Post exchange program is for the Smorty community to become stronger by helping each other. It simply aims to build a strong and ongoing inbound link structure and increase your online traffic. It is completely free to use and all approved blogs can participate. Please play by the rules just as you would with a paid post. Post quality will affect your overall Smorty five star rating

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