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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Power Dropping a joke

I am upset that I just found out that Power Dropping cheated me out, and I'll explain. I purchased EntreCard to place my ad on the page and the ad doesn't work when you click on it. Let me go into it in detail, when you click on my ad EntreCard or even the "E" to direct you to EntreCard site, it takes you to his site (Power Dropping). No kiddin'. check it out. Click on my ad on their power dropping site and notice it takes you right back to his site, its a shame that people cheat others out and totally unfair.

A I am tired of people that are greedy, I just back off from the whole program, and anyways ...I am finding EntreCard bOriNg...the page load poorly and dropping 300 cards is a long proccess, there has to be another easier way to get traffic to my blogs besides this silly EntreCard.I am blowing steam out my ears, eyes and nose, I dislike cheaters.

would like for someone to design an easier way to get people to my blog, I know one is that you go around and comment on everyones blogs like the old fashion method.

Happy hopping...I am done ranting, I think its

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1 comment:

chilly said...

Hi Terry!
You should report that on the Support forum at Entrecard.
I gave up on Power Dropping's site a while back. And the drop list there, half the links don't work and lots of the others are full of redirected ads.
You should try Turnip of Power's way of dropping. I do and it only takes me 35 minutes to drop 300.

If that link don't work, you can find the link at On The Bricks in the very top of my left sidebar.
Believe me, it saves a lot of time. :)