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Friday, May 30, 2008


June 2, this yr my internet will be shut off. My income stops, so I won't be able to pay for the service. I am planning on getting a laptop next month, donations are appreciated if you can donate to help pay for paying for my laptop or internet services or even a place to stay.

I am currently staying at my daughters apartment and my boyfriends place. I'm planning on getting a studio apartment because I don't need that much space. I don't like to ask for donations, but I am injured, disabled from working. I worked in the nursing field for over 25 yrs and for the last 2 yrs I've been on Workers comp and Welfare. Workers comp stopped and Welfare stops in August because my daughter turns 18. I've applied for SSI (Social Security Disability) and they are in the process of just doing paper work for now, it'd be over a yr for them to approve it.

I will be working under the table, private Home care soon, but I can't work to many hours due to my injury. So, donations are VERY MUCH appreciated...

Which ever way works for you, to donate;

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