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Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Terrible Blog?

My terrible BLOG? one of my BLOGS are terrible, it has hardly any traffic flow and ratings are poor. I know I have many blogs and possibly to many, but I feel sorry for the BLOG. Maybe no one knows about it, or maybe its last on the list all the time and people/ friends have enough blogs so they choose the top blog to view and the others get left out. Well my blog called "When Life Becomes a Book" has the highest rating my the technorati Favorites are highest on "Struggling Parents" and the rating on my blog called "Does Money Mean Everything" is doing very poorly and I am considering deleting it or just leaving it alone. My blogs are all listed below...Have a FANTASTIC DAY !!!

1."When Life Becomes a Book"
2.Marketing Myself
3.Across this Bridge
4.Struggling Parents
5.Does Money Mean Everything
6.Internet Lifestyles
7.The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery
8.MySpace Blog

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Viv ;-) said...

Hi, I can 'see' your frustrations here and I have been hesitant all this while in creating another blog as I was wondering if I'll get any traffic especially when its from the same owner. Anyway,I have been having problem in keeping up with my present one already. Good Luck!

Magdalen Islands said...

I too have many blogs and of course Gimme A Dream is the highest ranking one. Some of my blogs have nothing more that a title of which I'm ashamed of and intend to change,
But what is important is that all those other blogs are funneling traffic back to Gimme A Dream so they have a purpose also.

Anonymous said...