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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Do you think it might of hurt his feelings?

Today is a very cold day here in this little town in which I live in. I have been up sense around 3:30am and 4, with my boyfriend and he is the one that woke me with his tossing and turning in that old mattress of his. Our sleeping arrangement should change, I should get my mattress out of storage so that we can actually sleep better. He doesn't like to spend his money and yet he spent his money on a 1930 model A ford Cabriolet for 5 grand and he is in the process of restoring it which is costing him money everyday.

Sometimes his money spending confuses me. But the thing is, is that we are not married and what he does with his money is up to him, just as what I do with my money is up to me. But I think I gave him a bad time last night and maybe that was one of the reasons why he couldn't sleep very well, thinking of what I had said to him. I told him that I realized what was more important to him and that was his old cars because he is always putting his money into them. I also told him that I dated other men that never got me anything for Christmas or other occasion's and that I knew he wasn't going to get me anything either, he just looked at me in an awkward way. So if he tossed and turn because of that then I feel bad, but I was just saying what I thought was true, but he said "its an investment" all of his old cars are "investments" and they cant take that away from him, he can always sell one to buy something he really needs...hum, have I said to much, I hope I didn't hurt his feelings. He just turned a little loving and kissing this early in the morning, which made me smile, if you know what I mean.

1930 Model A Cabriolet, this is just a picture off the web, not his, but its like this only the colors are primer right now.

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Diana said...

I think us women are a bit more cautious sometimes when it comes to money. I have similar feelings when my b/f spends a lot on his computery stuff..It's not like he doesn't have a computer, in fact he has 3! I sometimes feel it would have been better spent on something else... but like you we are not married and therefore have our own money and choices..

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Anonymous said...

That car is a classic! Your boyfriend is very talented!

Anonymous said...