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Friday, December 7, 2007


Today I am blogging about Chinese pugs, I use to breed them, although I only could breed my pug once, I still consider that I was a pug breeder. It started off as the fact that I received a baby 5 wk old pug on the Christmas 1995. I name the female pug Buffy, I had her for 11 yrs. She had 8 baby pugs the yr 1997, one for each as I get settled I am getting back into breeding pugs. Buffy passed away in the yr 2003. I posted some pictures of pugs below, just random photographs.

Sunflower pugs, picture taken at the Lee County's first pugfest.

This is Simon from the ravenwood pugs at

3 black of three blind

meet Fred, he is the mascot to the pug rescue of central New York, Inc..

pug puppies are cute as a button.

Pugs come in two colors, fawn and black, I bred fawn pugs.

Pugs love children as well as adults as long as they are raised with them.

Have a great evening...;)
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