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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cell phones...

So how many cell phones have you owned in your lifetime? I've owned 5, and now my is temporally disabled due to my living situation. But this topic is about what cell phone and what type of cell phone do you need or want? there is so many to chose from and once you get one, you see another one you like better. So are you really happy with the one you have? I posted some pictures for humor...;)

Which phone is ringing? is it yours, sweetie?

Be careful, choose one carefully, because you have to keep it for 2 yrs. thats what the contract says.

Pick a color, any color...

Cell phones can lower your sperm count, and also cause tumors to the brain.

What happens when you cell phone dies?

Make sure you donate you used phone to someone that needs it, its better then throwing it away...;)

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