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Thursday, December 20, 2007

God is pure

Knowledge vs Experience
God is pure love and intellect, which means He knows everything there is to know. Yet pure knowledge without experience is empty and incomplete.

For example, if you read a book on how to build a boat, does that mean you can actually go do it? Not usually, for the knowledge is necessary, true enough, but it is not sufficient by itself to complete the job. To physically do something is entirely different from simply knowing about it.

Another example is the mystery of setting up your VCR. Even with diligent reading of the book, and endless diagrams, the task reverts to trial and error for success. Then (oh my God) add the complexity of cable TV and the brain simply fizzles. Those brave souls doing this always fear the day the VCR must be disconnected. Can it ever be reconnected?

Why then did God create us? Easy. To experience His knowledge. Does that seem imperfect? Why would the Divine ever need to rely on mere humans? How can we reconcile God's being perfect and then say that God actually needs us?

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Peace said...

ya, i wonder why too since you mentioned it. I am gaining so much experience and I am really experiencing the unbelievable!

I wonder if I am really getting answers soon, for all my life, the questions that I had always wanted about the meaning of life and why live when final destiny is death.

Anonymous said...