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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Paradise, California (Small Towns)

Welcome to Paradise, California and Neighboring Ridge Communities. In the Northern Sierra Foothills and the location of the 54-lb Gold Nugget discovery. From Paradise to Inskip and beyond, where the early prospectors traveled the twists and turns of various Ridge roads to strike it rich! In addition to exploring its rich heritage, enjoy a relaxing visit to the many antique treasure shops, restaurants, museum, parks, great events and entertainment. I live about 20 minutes from Paradise.
I actually to this picture, its on top of Dead Mans curve, and below where you can see a little road, the road is called Honey Run. They call this the Dead Mans curve because many people have committed suicide, in fact, I had a friend do this and now she is a quad.
Paradise Map, if you click on the image, you can view it better, notice the little town of Chico? that where I live...I'll post on Chico next time...;)
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My 2 youngest Daughters at the top of dead mans curve. This was taken awhile ago, a couple yrs ago.
A picture of my friends car after she took a fall off "Dead Mans curve".

Paradise Lake, I've caught a few Bass in this lake.

I have more pictures where I have caught Bass fish in the Paradise Lake.
Thats my twin sister Tammy fishing.

These are Bass fish I caught at Paradise Lake with my twin sister Tammy, she is the one holding up the fish.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Teri!

Hey thank you so much for that compliment on my page! Those are some great photographs!

When I've accrued enough vacation time at my working place, I would like to do it.

My parents are retired and they do a lot of camping and outdoors kinds of activities.

They have a membership with KOA and they go to pretty much all the campgrounds they have in the U.S.

Anonymous said...