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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Improve your links with these methods

Link popularity, which refers to the number of links pointing to and from related sites, is considered as the most important factor for ranking high in major search engines.
There are three types of links that will increase the link popularity of your site internal, incoming and outgoing links.

1. Internal links refers to the number of links coming from the web pages of the same site.
Make sure you cross link your important related pages back and forth. By doing so, you are telling search engine spiders that those are the most important pages of your site and they need to be ranked high.
Cross linking your pages also helps the search engine spiders find and index your most important pages quicker, especially if some pages are buried deep within your site. This is an easy and the simplest way of getting your listed in the search engines.
Internal links not only boost your link popularity but they also increase the visibility of your whole website. They also increase your other page's PageRank.

2. Incoming links refers to number of links coming from external domains which have no association with your website. But always remember that incoming links are much more important than your internal links because external links tells search engines how many other websites are appreciating you website.

But now the question is how do you build lots of incoming links. There are three ways of finding sites to link to yours.
Find site that link to your Competition.
he best link partners can be those websites that link to your competition because due to their links your competitor is ranking high so a link from them can also boost up your own rankings.
To find who links to your competition go to your favorite search engine and search for the following:

When you search for the above search term you will get a list of sites that are linking to your competitor so now try to contact them and ask them for a link exchange.

Find Link Partners In Web Directories
Do not forget that all the sites listed in the same category as yours in the major web site directories, such as Yahoo!, LookSmart and the Open Directory Project, are ideal link candidates too.
Once you have compiled a list of related sites, add a link to them in your site. Then send an email to each site owner informing them that you have linked to their site and politely ask them for a link back to your site. Don't forget to tell them about the benefits of exchanging links in this manner.
Always remember to be polite and calm rather being violent even if he rejects your request. If he rejects your request then wait for some time may be 2-3 weeks and try to contact them again.

Find Sites That Accept Site Submissions

This is the best way of finding sites to link to yours, find sites that accept site submissions and just link back to them and just contact them for providing a link back to you. To find such sites, visit a search engine, such as Google, and search for:

"add url" "your keywords"

Replace "your keywords" with the keywords related to your site. Include the quotation marks to ensure the search engine only return pages with the exact search phrases you enter.

Also try replacing, "add url" with one of the following sets of search phrases:

add site, add link, add a url, add a site, add a link, submit url, submit site, submit link, submit a url, submit a site, submit a link.

In addition, you can also find site submission pages by searching for the actual page. So, try replacing the "add url" search phrase with one of the following page names:

addurl.html, addsite.html, addlink.html, addaurl.html, addasite.html, addalink.html, submiturl.html, submitsite.html, submitlink.html, submitaurl.html, submitasite.html, submitalink.

add-url.html, add-site.html, add-link.html, add-a-url.html, add-a-site.html, add-a-link.html, submit-url.html, submit-site.html, submit-link.html, submit-a-url.html, submit-a-site.html, submit-a-link.

add_url.html, add_site.html, add_link.html, add_a_url.html, add_a_site.html, add_a_link.html, submit_url.html, submit_site.html, submit_link.html, submit_a_url.html, submit_a_site.html, submit_a_link.

You could also try replacing the ".html" extension with others, such as ".htm," ".html," ".shtml," ".cfm," ".php," etc.

3. Outgoing Links

Outgoing links refers to the number of sites to whom you link to. I will advice you to not to link to anyone just because he links to you and has a good PR and just don't reject to link to someone just because he has a low PR because its PR doesn't matters what really matters is its content.

If you reject good content site today just because of its low PR then it may later bite you when that site reaches at the top. So link, but link wisely.


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