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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pictures and Technorati Faves...

First of all, I'd like to show pictures of my oldest daughter Jill's hair cut and color, she paid $109 for and I'd have to agree with her on hardly any color and the length looks about the same. I told her to go back for them to fix it, for that kind of money, you'd think they would also agree. Check out the pictures...

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So isn't it just plain crazy that Technorati still hasn't increased the number of favorites your allowed to have. Your only allowed to have 200 favorites through technorati. I would like to fave more than that, I've been signed up with technorati since May of 2006, over 3 yrs and I haven't been able to fave anyone for over a year. They say they are going to increase it, but they been saying that for over a year.

A couple of my faves are;

On The Bricks

Comedy Plus

Stuperhero Extraordinaire

What Goes Under the Sun

RennyBA's Terella

Stephan Miller


my pointless

AAA creatives

Gregers Place

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When life become a book
I have more, but I just listed some of my faves...thanks for dropping by, have a great Monday !!!

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Jackie said...

Oh my the only difference I see is just a touch of what looks like a burgundy based highlight.

I have to agree I would go back and want much more done for that price. she has such lovely hair.

I too am at my limit for Technoirati and starting wonder why I even bother with them.

I am an old blog as far as they are concerned now and my faves are dropping off day by day.

At one point I was over 900 and now I think I am at 115.

I would favor you. But, I like you am stuck.

I think they have developed an attitude which may lead them to think they are more important then what they actually are.

Maybe we should all get together and have a blog Technorati protest day.

Let them know how we feel and that in fact, without us, they would be out of jobs.

I still have that old hippie rebel hidden down deep inside!!

Well I'm off to drop land!!

Happy Monday!!

Struggling Parents said...

thanks Jackie, I agree, or maybe just let them all drop off and no one be involved with them big deal to a good one..!!!

Liz said...

Thanks! I added your badge. :)