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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Flight for my gurlz

My two youngest daughters Alex and Michelle are flying out to Missouri to my oldest daughter Jills place where I am now, they will be in Jills wedding.

This video is one Alex was watching, Alex and Michelle have never flown before and are frightened.

Their flight leaves Friday from Sacramento California Airport and they have a delay in Chicago, and then fly from Chicago to Missouri. I hope they will get back on the plane in, me and Jill may be picking them up there are just leaving,

watch the

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Jackie said...

Hi there,
Do I really have to watch the video. I am a fraidy cat when it comes to flying!!

I am also on my satellite today and can't watch any live streaming.

I am here to pick up your link and add you to my blog roll. I do not want to lose track after I leave EC.

I see Lady banana is a co-author here!! Good choice. I love her too!!

I really have to make a point to make sure she too is on my blog roll.

But, believe she already is!! I hope the wedding is fantastic!! Ah...I've been to 4 weddings between my 2 daughters.

I hope they are both finally settled now...LOL!!

Happy day,

Struggling Parents said...

Thanks Jackie, her wedding is Oct 3rd, and about Lady Banana, where did you see she was a co-author, its new news to me...although I wouldn't mind, I think shes great !!! thanks for dropping by...