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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who can recieve Ibogaine

Who Can Receive Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine is not a good treatment option for everyone. They have created strict exclusion criteria because they treat numerous patients and because ibogaine is an experimental medication with known risks. They do not treat patients with the following conditions:

1. Any active infection such as ulcers, pneumonia or current skin condition.
2. History of blood clots or coagulation abnormalities.
3. Cerebella dysfunction.
4. Chronic fainting.
5. Uncontrolled diabetes.
6. Emphysema.
7. Epilepsy.
8. Crohn’s disease.
9. Gastric ulcer.
10. Heart attack.
11. Heart disease
12. Heart murmur.
13. Heart surgery.
14. Heart arrhythmia.
15. Obesity.
16. Un-medicated hypertension (high blood pressure).
17. Kidney disease.
18. Liver disease (they do treat patients with hepatitis whose liver enzymes are no more than 4
times normal).
19. Hepatitis with liver enzymes over 4 times normal.
20. Pregnancy.
21. Psychiatric disorders other than anxiety.
22. Stroke.

****Possible side effects to ibogaine include***

Ataxia (loss of muscular coordination), tremors, photosensitivity, nausea, vomiting, reduced blood pressure, and in small number cases, bradycardia, or slowing of the heart beat.

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WebbieLady said...

Seems that the side effects even is quite good for some who have strong heart pulpitation? If your heart slows its heartbeat, does that mean you're on relax mode or your blood slows down its circulation and it's not a good thing?

Struggling Parents said...

Yeah, but people with a really low heart rate wouldn't qualitfy, it would bring the heart rate too low. Thanks for visiting and commenting have a wonderful day !!!

bluedreamer27 said...

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have a great day and happy blogging