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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ibogaine Treatment Process

Treatment process

Ibogaine is administered by experienced MDs. Doctors are constantly present during the treatment, and they use heart monitors in order to ensure patient safety. The treatments are administered in a private gated community in Mexico, a few miles south of San Diego, California. The treatment duration is from Monday morning, when the patient is picked up at their hotel in San Diego, until Friday afternoon., when the patient is dropped off at the San Diego airport or another San Diego site of their choice.

“Decreased post withdrawal drug cravings…”

Clients are responsible for getting themselves to San Diego, and they take care of them from there. Included in the cost are food, lodging, all medications needed, and transportation to and from the airport or other San Diego destination. With valid photo ID (no passport needed for US citizens) there is absolutely no problem crossing the US-Mexico border in either direction. The border region is very safe, and has all the infrastructure and amenities of the US.

One of the most important aspects in the success of the ibogaine treatment and in long-term abstinence is the patient’s willingness to change from present addictive and destructive behaviors, and to work on him or herself with a positive attitude. Patients need to be aware that although ibogaine facilitates the detoxification process, greatly diminishing withdrawal symptoms, there are sometimes residual withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are managed with medication at the facility, and some patients with heavy prolonged addiction may need small additional doses of ibogaine. This treatment method is the most humane and effective way currently available for opiate, stimulate, and non-physiologically dependent alcohol addictions.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of 3.
Not all patients are good candidates for ibogaine therapy. Contact them to see if you are eligible for treatment.

Cell: (213)505-5992
Landline: 022-52-664-609-4338
skype: (213)985-1859

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Sid said...

Iv'e used Ibogaine succesfully for heroin addiction..

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