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Monday, May 4, 2009

Powerful place to be

Sometimes you can exercise a great deal of control over where
life is going, and other times you get caught up in forces
beyond your control. However, you can always control the way
you think and feel and respond.

Learn to appreciate the enormous power that comes from being
able to frame anything that happens in an empowering light.
Experience how it frees you from the grip of fear and

It's great when you can cause events to go your way. And yet
even when things don't go as you wish, that can be just as

Because you have the profound and powerful ability to
uncover opportunity in anything that happens. Every day,
every situation, every twist and turn of life's road gives
you something valuable with which to work.

Imagine what would happen if instead of being upset by the
disappointments, you could choose to be encouraged by them.
The absolutely wonderful fact is, you can.

This is a day, this is a moment in which you can move
forward no matter what. It's a very powerful place to be.

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