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Monday, September 3, 2007

When I was young

When I was young, I had sex
with boys without touching them.
It was very quick and often
happen in English class, like the passing
of insects are a doorway.
I didn't know always going on,
but all the windows would open
and it would be raining.
It had nothing to do with hands, no fingers
grazing over no books, nothing like that.
Have you ever walked across the plank
inside a defunct factory? And suddenly,
during the two are, some spigot
Pops and wild pressure of different air
sprays into the room, and you don't know
whether or not this is an emergency,
but you can see that at one time
the giant machines pushed and boiled and set off
a motion that become a smoke, a pile
of dust, and the din was loud, and the day outside
when quiet? What are two times
I got in trouble, but this was not for paying attention.
You see, there was nothing suspect,
a single wayward hair.