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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Until the end

She walks the path
leaves Russel, as she walks along
the air so thin . you can hardly breathe
scarf wrapped tightly around her neck
her nose , red and runny from the coldness
her cheeks are rosy red
eyes , glossy . they seem glazed
our hands shivering
Goosebumps rise on her arms
should only walks, to think.
Taking long walks
not really knowing where to go
her thoughts are within her mind
twirling around as the wind blows her hair
she doesn't think of the time
counting the cracks in the concrete
watching the leave's fall from the trees
kicking stones along the way
out in this coldness . there's peacefulness
only the sound of birds and the sound of the wind
nothing to worry about , everything was left at home
including her turmoil
her sadness , gloominess
that home doesn't seem . hers anymore
she seems lost , but out here
she feels free and relieved
only for quiet while
like a drug
a constant numbness
does'nt allow you to feel
it eventually ends
but she cannot return
and maybe there are no more more cracks in the concrete to count
no more stones to kick
no more birds to hear
and just alittle more time
seems like hours or even days, yet only a minute
but the blackness surrounds
with dead sounds
evenually the end
I've been swallowed
and like them I followed
blind folded now
my back aganist the wall
it even feels like I'm so small
until I fall
until the end.