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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Evil in the world, the problem

Evil in the world religions, the problem

The problem of evil and touchstone of any religion. From our direct confrontation with evil results suffering, and thus and less questions about the meaning of life. That is why all religion have to give a proper answer regarding the orgin, nature and end of evil.

There are three major religious alternatives in explaining evil, stated by the pantheistic, dualistic and monotheistic religions. Pantheistic religions , regard to evil as alternately unreal. Human suffering is a product of spiritual ignorance gathered in previous lives and distributed in the president won according to the dictates of karma. In the dualistic religions, good and evil arc to eternal and rival principles. Neither has created the other one in each asked according to its own nature. In the monotheiestic religions, evil has a personal identity. It's source is a being that has fallen from an initial good status as a result of misusing freedom of well.